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Heh - this page is now one of the oldest on my website, after some of the AAT stuff, anyway.

So I decided it was a good time to make public some of the most embarassing code I have ever written... my first-ever C program. It's taken ten years for me to get over the embarassment enough for me to make it public. Reading it, I now find it screamingly funny, and hope others will share my mirth.

If you're interested in what it DOES, it's an Ultima Underworld 2 inventory editor. The zip file contains the data file (human readable text list of all items in UW2) and compiled version, as well as the source. The txt file is just the source.

It was written for an early version of Borland (3.x, I think?). Amazingly, I think it used to compile without errors.

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Note that nothing on this directory (as with most of this website) is less than about 7 years old, so I don't feel proud of any of it anymore - most is farcical, but amusing for hysterical porpoises.

Some of these zipfiles include early versions of the html files that describe them, improperly formatted. So if you want the docs, save the pages from which the zipfiles are linked, since these are just the non-buggy versions of the html files in the zipfile. I'm too lazy to fix 'em

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