Watcher Unix (Xwindows) utility

Two-part utility to monitor other people's activity on your machine. Useful only for workstations, since on the main server it would get pretty packed. I have it starting up in a small xterm at the bottom of my screen whenever I log in.

You may find it useful to pipe the output of ps through sort before dislaying it, since there is no guarantee of the order of the processes from instance to instance.

Currently set up to be in the ~/bin directory of the user dmorgan, but can easily be changed.

You can download the following code samples in zipped form as


vis -d 10 /homedir/dmorgan/bin/watcher


who | awk '$1!="dmorgan" && $1!="root"' ps -aux | awk '$1!="dmorgan" && $1!="root"'
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