Graphic Java Toolkit 1.1

This utility is NOT MINE, I am simply placing it here because Sun appear to have a policy of deleting any mention of Java 1.1 rom their site, so this file is no longer available at the previous locations.

So I am mirroring it here, along with the original post to describing the fact that "You can use the GJT in any manner you see fit (even in a commercial product), as long as you do not sell the GJT as a standalone product." I am taking this as permission to archive and distribute it in this manner, since I'm not charging for it, nor modiying it, claiming I made it, or anything like that.

You can download it here: Note that I found it on the net as a tar file, and have repacked it as a zip to be more accessible. I believe this is the version compiled for the Solaris platform, but, being java, the bytecode should be portable to all systems.

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SUBJECT: code/gfx/GJT1.1 - Graphic Java Toolkit 1.1

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GJT 1.1 Is Now Freely Available
The Graphic Java Toolkit (GJT), version 1.1 is now freely available at the
URL listed above.

The 1.1 GJT works with the 1.1 JDK; it will not work or compile with
pre-1.1 versions of the JDK.


What Is the GJT?
The GJT is a collection of custom components built on the AWT -- it is not a replacement
for the AWT, but instead augments the capabilities the AWT provides. The GJT provides
rubberbanding, splash screens, image filters, sprite animation, convenience dialogs,
borders, image buttons, toolbars, bubble help, custom layout managers, and more.

The GJT is freely available. It is not necessary to buy the book Graphic Java (from
whence the GJT originated) in order to use the GJT. We have included unit tests for every
component in the GJT, so you have simple, working examples that you can use to guide
you in using the capabilities the GJT offers.

How Do I Download?
At you will find the following files:

gjt_1.1.tar.Z           (compressed tar file for Solaris)             (zip file for Solaris)
gjt_windows_1.02.tar.Z  (tar file for Windows)
gjt_mac_1.02.tar.Z      (tar file for Macintosh)

Legal Considerations
You can use the GJT in any manner you see fit (even in a commercial product), as
long as you do not sell the GJT as a standalone product.

After decompressing and untarring (or unzipping, depending upon which file you
downloaded), a graphicJava_1.1 directory will be created, into which the GJT will
be loaded. In the graphicJava_1.1 directory, you will find the following files:


The GJT also comes with complete JavaDoc documentation -- point your browser at
graphicJava_1.1/javadoc/packages.html to start.

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