Whatis.exe - Dos utility.

You can download the following utility in zipped form as

Much the same as the 'file' command under many versions of unix. It gives output as follows (from "whatis whatis.exe"): WHATIS v1.2 Copyright (c) 1989-1990, J.E. Smith, All rights reserved. Filename: WHATIS.EXE File length: 8174 Language: C/C++ Product: Turbo C++ Version: ? Company: Borland Intl. NOTE: This program has been compressed with Bellard's LZEXE.EXE. Therefore, the above information may be incomplete.

Typing whatis on its own gives the following information:

WHATIS v1.2 Copyright (c) 1989-1990, J.E. Smith, All rights reserved.
USAGE: WHATIS filename[.ext] (i.e. WHATIS whatis)

WHATIS reads a file and tries to determine what language and compiler was used to create it. It can identify the following: Turbo C, Microsoft C, Lattice C, Datalight/Zortech C, Turbo BASIC, Quick BASIC and Turbo Pascal (v3 and before). Quick C is not distinguished from Microsoft C. Also, programs compressed with Bellard's LZEXE.EXE are so noted.

If extension is omitted, the program will look for a .COM file first, if no match is found it will then look for an .EXE file.

Please copy and share this program with others. For a contribution of $5, I will send the latest version of WHATIS and demos of MY MONEY(tm) and MY TIME(tm).

Comments may be sent to:

              J.E. Smith
         344 Observatory Drive       or       Address GENIE mail to:
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