SLEEP - Dos Utility.

You can download the following utility in zipped form as

The following is the documentation for sleep.exe. Note that I may have broken one of his rules (..."distribute this documentation file unaltered.") by converting it to HTML. However, I have not changed the content, and the zipfile also contains the unaltered text version.


by Paul Martin

SLEEP.EXE is quite simply a program that will wait a specified interval before exiting. This will give you a way to force the system to wait without dogging the CPU.

Sleep is invoked in the following manner:
where <n> is the number of milliseconds to wait.


SLEEP 10000 Will cause sleep to wait 10 seconds SLEEP 600000 Will cause sleep to wait 10 minutes etc...

SLEEP.EXE was written in "C" and is a bound executable. This means it will run under OS/2 and DOS.

Feel free to distribute this program and make as many copies as your heart desires, but you must not alter the program in any way and you must distribute this documentaion file unaltered.

If you find this utility useful, all I ask is that you send me $2.00 for my effort.

Send checks, money orders, loose diamonds, and of course cash to:

Paul Martin
901-A Ohio Pike
Cincinnati, Ohio

If you find any bugs or have any questions, you can reach me through USENET at or through a local BBS I frequent, called C.C.C.

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