ARRMOUSE Dos Utility

You can download the following utility in zipped form as

Makes the mouse emulate the cursor keys.

One of the more useful utilities if you use DOS a lot but hate the cursor keys. Shareware, but unfortunately I lost the documentation (or never had it, since I think I got it from a magazine and they're notouriously crap for including the docs).

Anyway, here's what you get when you start it up.

ARRow keys MOUSE v1.0 - INSTALLED Copyright (c) 1990, Seth W. Comstock Shareware $10.00 unregistered Mouse movement mimics the arrow (cursor) keys Left button = Return Right button = Esc L + R button = F1 key Middle button = Del key Enter "arrmouse /r" to remove (uninstall) ARRMOUSE function restored automatically when at the command line or use hotkeys to restore. HOTKEYS - LEFT + RIGHT SHIFT KEYS AT THE SAME TIME
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