Photos of me & friends, back in the days of studentdom

Maintained by Dewi Morgan

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A Photo My sister, all gothed up. Unfortunately, I overwrote the larger version of this. But I will scan it in again. Honest.

A Photo Me & my computer.

A Photo Me and my hand, Lemon (my other one is called 'Stupid'. Don't ask why, it's a long story.)[Update: See below, if you're that interested...]

A Photo Me just woken up, I think.

A Photo Me in a suit, and the reasons why: Iain (left) and Troy (right).

A Photo Iain, weilding the Reason Why I Will Wear A Suit And Like It (no, it isn't really real) Actually, in this reduced version, it looks like he could be doing something rather crude here. Oh well.

A Photo Al, with his 21st birthday cake and my sword (yes, it is really real, but we didn't use it to cut the cake, so don't worry, we won't get poisoned by the gunge on it).

A Photo Jenny, looking despicably cute in my hat, many sizes too large for her.

I actually lived in the same house as these last three (Iain, Alistair and Jenny). Don't you feel sorry for me?

OK, everyone who has ever looked at this page has asked for The Story of the Hands. Despite the quite clear, unmistakeable warning telling you not to. So, just to keep you all happy, here's the story:

When by little brother Daniel was very little, my mum was driving us in the car. Daniel was crying his eyes out about something, and I was trying to quiet him down. So I did the "handpuppet" thing.

My hands started to chat to eachother, ignoring Daniel.

Righthand: "Hi!"
Lefthand: "Hi, who're you?"
Righthand: "Uh... I dunno. I'm just a hand. Nobody ever gave me a name."
Lefthand: "Yeah, same here. I hate not having a name."
Righthand: "Heeey... maybe this boy will give us a name. Hey, boy..." [hand snuggles up to Daniel and tries to look appealing - which is hard for a hand] "...can you give me a name?"
Daniel: [Still crying] "Go away! You're stupid!"
Stupid: "Whooo! I gotta name! I'm Stupid! Nyah nyah nyah, I've gottaname and you haven't! I'm better than you! Look at me, I've got a name! Oh! Hello, nameless hand, what's your name? Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot - you haven't got one! Hahahaha..." [and so on in that vein]
Lefthand: "Waaaah!" [hides from the laughter in Daniel's armpit]
Stupid: [more jeering]
Lefthand: *sniffle* [looks up at Daniel] Can you give me a name, too?
Daniel: *sniffle* Um... Lemon. [small, sad voice]
Lemon: Yaaaay! [hugs Daniel, who perks up a bit]
Lemon and Stupid: We got names! We got names! Whoo! What's your name? Oh, really? That's a good name! [and so on]

And with them bouncing happily all over Daniel, and Lemon teasing Stupid a bit about his name, Daniel soon forgot he was crying, so our mum could concentrate better on driving :)

OK, so now you know. Bet you wished you'd never asked now, eh?