Rainytown photos

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The London Eye. We went in this. Notice Big Ben in the background, and the apalling lighting. Serves me right for taking the photo into the sun. Also notice the distinct lack of anything resembling a rainytown. This is because I was crap and forgot to take photos. Sorry, Di.

Hey! It's Rainy! She's lovely. She's the one on the right. The one on the left is her sister, who is also lovely, though a little quieter. They're sitting down because her sister is afraid of heights. Kindof like me, infact :)

We were both very brave though, and neither of us screamed or threw up.

You can't see her brother, though he was there and is equally lovely, because he's the one that took this picture.

[deleted by request]
Hey! It's Rainy! She's lovely. And that dodgy looking bloke in the background? That's her brother. He's really nice, too. Her sister is sitting behind me, since she's as bad with heights as I am.

Poot. Rainy reckons she looked bad in that photo, but I think she's talking outta her... tail. :P

[deleted by request]

Rainytown sitting with her sister. She likes this one better. It was taken by her brother, and isn't so clear, but brings out colours much better, since it wasn't taken into the sun. Hrm. But she isn't smiling so much, and... Well, what do you think? Vote! Um... well, you could do that if I could be bothered to set it up.

OK, that's it, folks!