Hat photos

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The nice thing about having a digital camera is that it now costs nothing to put up the most appallingly crap photos on the net! Here are some photos, taken by my little bro, so ignore the slight fuzziness - that's just camera jitter from him laughing at me. This is my "cossack hat". I had a better one, but left it on the train.

Leather cowboytype hattish thing. It probably has a proper name, like a panama or something, only not.

Porkpie. It's like a trilby, but with less of a brim.

Sadly, this one was lost on a train between East Croydon and Clapham Junction. Ah, well, them's the breaks :(

A rather more recent hat: the "red RedHat hat". Which, as you can see, is red. Great for when you're meeting people, especially cool at 2600 meetings, and generally a good hat. Makes for much amusement when people say "Let me guess... linux admin?" and I say "No, Solaris!" :P

Since it's harder not to notice, I reckon I'm less likely to leave it on a train, too.

Only downsides are that it's a bit hot for summer wear, and takes a lot more caring for than the black hats.

Photo was taken of me at my desk at work. Behind me is Jason, and behind him, Marko.

OK, that's it, folks!