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2p reciept

Yes, I genuinely got this reciept, at the Putney branch of Smiths.

And yes, Dawn the assistant did give me the 2p.

And yes, she laughed. And yes, she was cute!

I was impressed that their system could cope with a negative charge. Today, I'm going back to ask for a refund on one of them, to see if their system dies from that! :)


I just went back to Smiths for a refund on one of the videos. They gave me £4.99. I checked with them - "But I was PAID 2p to take this video? Surely I should be paying you to take it back?" But apparently not. Disney's marketing department gave Smith's £10 to give to every customer who bought two disney tapes. In a completely separate transaction, I bought two disney tapes, one of which was defective.

So... Smith's just gave me £5.01 and a video... for free!

I don't feel TOO bad about ripping off Disney's marketing department, either :)

Some of my co-workers are considering going to all the shops nearby - they reckon they could make an easy £50 a day on this.

You know, if *I* was running Smiths, I'd be handing out two free videos and 2p to every customer... because I'd be getting £10 for every one I gave out :)

(In case you were wondering, yes, I gave the £5 to charity)

More misc stuff here!