A simple list of photos.

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pic_6.jpg - The only surviving "before" pic - apparently I opened the back of the camera. Looks like I've been drinking here. Well, maybe a little. Dutch courage, you know.

pic_7.jpg - Les lets his facade as a boring accountant slip, as he leaps in, pen clenched between his teeth, to hack off a chunk. Meanwhile, Arno finishes lunch and reaches for the scissors.

pic_9.jpg - Closeup snip off the back. Those scissors are uncomfortably close!

pic_10.jpg - Another angle. I'm beginning to embalden here. Starting to feel like my dad.

pic_11.jpg - If I didn't know these guys loved me... well, in fact, they hate me, but people were watching too closely for an easy "accident".

pic_12.jpg - Leslie, waiting expectantly for blood. (Caption competition #1!)

pic_13.jpg - If it weren't for that cider I'd have run off by now. Well, that and the fact that I was holding very, very still...

pic_14.jpg - The big guns are out now - or rather, the buzzing things (NO! Kill that thought!). Fortunately, they hurt less than the scissors.

pic_15.jpg - I'm proud of this. With the grin nailed to my face, only my tie shows my nervousness, as Arno stands behind me, muttering "so what does this do?".

pic_16.jpg - This is a new look, next year's fashion: I call it "the cancer look". I'm a cancerian, you know, so it's all deep and apt and meaningful. Honest.

pic_17.jpg - Saved by the bell... there's a lull in the action as the phone rings, forcing Arno to retreat, still snarling and brandishing the trimmer.

pic_18.jpg - One of the bad things about having your scalp exposed after seven years of hiding is everyone gets to see the lousy condition you've been keeping it in.

pic_19.jpg - I call this one "the Tutankhamun look". Suits me, right? Very regal.

pic_20.jpg - Now they've pulled out the razors, and I am beginning to think they're enjoying themselves far too much.

pic_21.jpg - Yup. I was right.

pic_22.jpg - "Ommm, I can cope with this, I can, just hold myself still, ignore the maniacal cackling, relax, don't open my eyes or I'll collapse screaming."

pic_23.jpg - Hey, that tickles!

pic_24.jpg - Trying to look dignified is easy when you don't know you've got shaving foam in your ears. And nose. And beard. And...

pic_25.jpg - The aftermath. Now to clean up.

pic_26.jpg - "Oh my... HEAD!" This just didn't feel like me. It was like looking at someone else imitating my actions.

pic_27.jpg - Here I discover the first advantage - it washes so FAST!

pic_28.jpg - It feels so strange, I can't stop fondling myself. (No, my head! Geesh. You guys.)

pic_29.jpg - It just looks so WEIRD! Here, Graham laughs at me. I was to become used to this reaction.

pic_30.jpg - Here I discover the second advantage - it dries fast, too. And the first disadvantage, as I straighten up and bang my head a moment later.

pic_31.jpg - Worryingly, as I walked through the office, people kept collapsing in tears of laughter. So much for the hard look.

pic_32.jpg - Bravely, I wander back into the office. Arno doesn't even try to hide his tears of mirth.

pic_33.jpg - I was asked to hide the head, and some people were beginning to choke to death with laughter.

pic_34.jpg - Back to work. Or, as they say Up North: "allright, lads - back on yer heads!"

pic_35.jpg - Strangely, my hair accessories no longer seem to work (note the pink scrunchies on the ears).

pic_36.jpg - I would almost look cool with the new look...

pic_37.jpg - ... if I didn't keep SMILING!

picrr.jpg - Some other photos may be coming up here soon. (Caption competition #2!)