3D Photos

These photos were taken while I was in Thailand, with a Kodak DC240 digital camera. No tripod or anything, so they are not that stable, but the results are interesting anyway, I think. While this is an excellent, rugged camera, it has a short battery life, and far more annoying for something like this, each photo takes about three seconds to take, with much whirring and autofocusing preceding the actual picture.

So none of these pics could be taken any closer than about four seconds apart. And people kept damn well MOVING!

If your browser has zoom in/out facilities for images, you may need to use them.

The pre-trek tour

Taken in an ivory factory in Chiang Mai. This is spliced together from four photos, so it's more than a bit patchy. But nevermind that - check out the cool ivory carvings.

The monastery

The stairs up to the monastery - but people moved. :(

It's a temple, with a pleasantly stationary tourist in.

At this resolution, you can't actually see any of the detail here at all - but you can get the idea. Every inch ornately carved.

The roof of the main building, and something that I cannot confess to knowing anything about.

The main building. A scary amount of gold leaf was coming off and floating about, sticking to people's feet.

The trek - day 1

It looks like a little stream here, and truth be told it probably was, but it was our first ford, and we braved it well. Note the logs across which we walked. I was feeling quite chirpy at this point, but then we started to go up. And up. And up. We got quite tired by the end.

Mountains from the top of that hill.

We come to the village where we will be staying the first night, and ate something, which, to tell the truth, I was too tired to even remember. I think it was soup. Night was closing in, but I took some pics from the veranda outsideoutside the shed we stayed in. This is a mango tree.

Mountains from the shed door.

Looking a little to the left, we see the village.

The trek - day 2

And again, without the "zoom" thingy (in fact this was taken the next morning - check out the difference in lighting, mist, etc).

My first attempt at doing 3D people. But they moved. :( These people lived next door to our shed, in a shed of their own.

A pig comes over to investigate our breakfast. And it stayed still! Well, apart from it's leg.

The breakfast I remember as having the most wonderful pineapple I have ever tasted. But it was time to move on.

The village as we leave. The people seemed to favour colourful clothes.

There are two sets of logs here. Why? Because people actually drive CARS along these tracks! Apparently, anyway - we never saw one.

Paddy fields. Dry and dusty in this season, and the tough tufts of rice catching at the feet and making it heavy going in the heat.

Only a short distance from here, we came to the second night's shed. See how far someone can walk while you take a single photo from this camera.

A water buffalo, taken from the second night's shed. Which flicked it's ear, but otherwise stayed still.

The trek - day 3

My batteries prettymuch died, so there are no stereo pics of the elephants, or the rafting.